Intensive E-Training Course on
Emigration And Airline Ticketing

Friday February 28, 2020

This is an intensive E-Training course that will teach you all you need to know about emigration and airline ticketing, Emigration which means an act of traveling from your current country to another country for a purpose that includes working abroad, tourism, studying, establishing or transacting a business etc. requires you to obtain a travel visa with stringent conditions.
This intensive E-Training course on emigration and airline ticketing will teach you how to meet stringent visa conditions and get a travel visa for any purpose, the requirement posted on embassy's website lack certain details, intensive E-Training course on emigration and airline ticketing will teach you those details that will enable you get visas and work permit of any country.
Also if you have ever dreamed to start or improve your career or start your own travel agency this intensive E-Training course on emigration and airline ticketing will teach you how do ticket reservation and bookings using the best platform and all you need to know to become a travel agent and emigration consultant.
The most profitable Consultancy business is travel consultancy, it requires skills, knowledge and connections. Don’t worry me and my team have put together for you all that you need to become a travel agent and emigration consultant including ticket reservation and bookings. There is no limit on what you can earn monthly as an emigration consultant, people are always travelling abroad either for visitation, holiday tour, work, study e.t.c. 95% of those that apply for visa without understanding the hiden stringent conditions always have their visa denied, as a travel visa consultant and travel agent that you will become after this intensive E-Training course on emigration and airline ticketing you will be able to get visas/workpermit of any country of your choice, get cheap ticket for yourself and those that want to travel abroad will always consult you, all you need to become a complete emigration consultant is to partake in this E-Training program: ‘Emigration And Airline Ticketing’.

If I may ask,
Do you want to own a travel consulting business that make people to get genuine Visas
         successfully and also help them plan their travels?
Do have an existing travel business but need a high profile connection to boost  your income?
Do you want to make money and improve people’s life while making your money?
Do you want to put smiles on people’s faces and simply be a part of making people’s dreams to travel abroad for visit or work come through?
Do you want to learn how to sell airline tickets or make tickets resevation/bookings even in the comfort of your home using the most widely used and profitable platform?
Or are you just curious about how travel visa consultant get visas for their clients without denial?
Do you want to work with travel consultancy firm but don’t have the require knowledge that will make them employ you?
Do you intend to travel abroad for work or visit with a first attempt visa?
Do want to know how to get the visa by your self without paying exorbitant agent fees?
If you say yes to any of the above questions, then grab a copy of  your intensive E-Training material (e-book) and start your one month intensive training. Don't even attempt to apply for that visa by your self or book a ticket without reading ‘Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing'.
Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course is a
three in one package course or program which consist of:
1. All the knowledge and skills you need to start a travel agency
2. How to process and get the visa or work permit of any
    country and get it without denial or refusal
3. How to do ticket reservations and bookings using the best platform
After this Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course, I assured you that you will
master all the skills and knowledge you need to practice or work with
us collaboratively.
The three businesses listed above have five sources of income that
you will explore while practicing on your own or working with us,
there is no limit to how much you can earn monthly when you start
practicing, the five sources of income are listed below:
1. Help clients to get visas and work permit of any country without
    the risk of denial or refusal including students visas, scholarships and admisions
2. Help client to plan and arrange tour, and provide international
    connections and accommodation
3. Selling travel tickets to clients
4. Organizing Training
5. Work With us and earn big
The required skills and knowledge you need to explore the above
five sources of income have been self explanatorily written
on the e-learninig material (e-book), all you need is to order for
the training e-book and start your e-training under our tutelage for one month,
at the end of your training you will have the privilege to work with us
(myself and network of partners worldwide) or work solely for yourself
by exploring the five sources of income listed above, below is the
Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course contents:

What You Will Learn In Details


Role of a Travel Consultant
How to become a travel consultant
Why Travel Consultants Are Needed
Qualifying Your Clients
The Travel Industry
Areas Of Specialization
Host Agency
Using a Host Agency
Finding a Host Agency
Skills Required for a Travel Agent
Economic and Career Outlook for Travel Agents
How to Start a Travel Agent Business
Things to Avoid When Starting A Travel Business
Tours and Packages
Costs of Tours and Packages
Travel Itinerary
Sample Of Travel Itinerary
Developing Your Skills
Additional Skills You Will Need
Sample Client Confirm for Online Booking
Meet and Learn About Suppliers
Options for Starting a Travel Consulting Business
Opening a New Travel Agency
Business Plan
How to Find Information on Your Market
Market and Industry Research
Sample of a Business Plan


Air Ticketing
GDS (Platforms For Buying Airline Tickets)
Analysis of AITA, FAA And ICAO
Booking Class/Class Of Transportation
International Airport Codes, Airport City And Airport Names (IATA Codes)
TCA1, 2 And 3 (AITA Areas)
Ticket Bookings And Reservations Using The Best Platform (GDS)
Availability Display Or Seat Mapping
The Best (GDS) Downloadable Airline Ticketing Practical Video Tutorials
Seven Steps Of Booking
Share Pushing
Building A Passenger Name Record (PNR)
Airline Ticketing Guide


Become A Travel Visa Consultant
Visa And International Passport
Visa Service - How to Apply For a Travel Visa
Travel Visa Basics
Over View Of Visa Application
Travel Visa Processing
Types of Travel Visas
Visa Expediting Service
Australia Travel Visas
How to Travel And Work In Australia Without Going to Embassy
Working Holiday Visa Information
25 Countries That Issues Working Holiday Visa Easily
How to Live And Work In Any Country Through CIP program
How To Live And Work In U.S.A
How To Get USA Visitation/Tourist Visa For your Self Or Clients
Ways To Live And Work In The USA
Alternative Way Of Getting Any Type Of USA Temporary Visitor's Visa And Temporary Work Permit For Yourself Or Clients
Foreign Careers Or Professions That Can Travel And Work In The USA
USA Special Recruitment For Experience, OND, NCE Holders, Artist And Athletes
How To Grab One Of The Over 45,000 Temporary Work Permit Visa Issued To Professionals
Acquiring Travel US Visas For Children
Top 3 US Tourist Visa Requirements To Enter The USA
Marriage And U.S.A Travel Visa
Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Register For Consultants
Who can Qualify to Immigrate to Canada?
All You Need To Know To Become A Canadian Visa Consultant
How To Live And Legally Work In Canada
How To Legally Get A Canadian Visa And Work Permit Without Going To The Embassy.
5 Reasons Why It Is Better To Live And Work In Canada Than Other Countries
The Four X Factors Of Success Of Canada Permanent Residency Through Express Entry EE
How To Increase Your Comprehensive Ranking Score CRS
Province Where You Can Get Your Canada Permanent Residency Simply And Fast
Manitoba PNP Four Success Factors
Dangerous Factor To Avoid For Success Of Canada Permanent Residency
Simple And Fastest Way To Legally Live And Work In Canada With Tourist Visa
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Demistified
Two Simplest And Fastest Ways to Get Canada Permanent Residency
Revealed UK Immigration Rules That Will Enable You Get Any Type Of UK Visa
Four Reasons Why UK is The Best Place To Live And Work
All You Need To Know To Become A UK Visa Consultant
UK Student Visa
UK Working Holiday Visa
UK Work Permits
UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
Easy Tips to Help You With a UK Visa Application
UK Working Holiday Visa
Where to find all the visa information that you could ever need
Employment In The UK
More Ways To Live And Work In The UK
How To Live And Work In The Uk Without Going To Embassy
work for yourself (self-employed) In The UK
How To Become A UK Visa Consultant
All You Need To Know About Chinese Visa's
How To Live And Work In Qatar Without Going To Embassy
How To Get Job In Qatar If You Live In A Foreign Country
Employment/Recruitment Agents In Qatar
How To Travel And Work In Mongolia
How To Travel And Work In Kuwait
How To Travel And Work In Any Country Of Your Choice
Summary Of How To Become An Emigration Or Travel Visa Consultant
Six Steps To Get Any Type Of Visa Successfully (All Countries)
Visa Success Rate Assessment
How To Qualify A Client Or Yourself To Get Any Type Of Travel Visa
Trivial issues That Will Make Embassy to Denied or Refused Your Visa And How To Over Come Them
Visa Free And Visa On Arrival Countries For Nigerians
Who Else Want To Work Or Do Business In The United Arab Emirates Uae (Dubai)
Chronicles Of Direct Employment Visa In The UAE
How To Get High Paying Executive And Highly Skilled Job In Any Discipline Within Few Days In The UAE From Your Home Country
How To Travel To The UAE And Get A Job Within A Month
Using The Special Service To Get Employment Within A Month On Arrival In The UAE
How To Become Taxi Driver In The United Arab Emirate Without Previous Driving Experience And Without Paying To Attend A Driving School
United Arab Emirate UAE (Dubai) 14 Days Visa Uses
A Company That Gives United Arab Emirates Short And Long Stay Tourist Visa Without Financial Deposit
How To Do Export Business In The UAE (Dubai) Without Going There With Business Money
Three Amazing Profitable Products You Can Export From The UAE (Dubai) And Sell Any Where In The World For Profit
7 Steps To Get Germany job seeker’s Visa Fast
4 Barely Known Steps To Getting Germany Work Visa
Emerging Countries Where Economic Migrants Can Arrive With Tourist Visa And Simply Take Employment


How to Become Universities And Colleges Admission Agent or Representative
Types Of Admission Agents Or Representatives
 Three Steps To Become Universities And Colleges Admission Agents Or   Representative
20  Universities That Offer Full Scholarship To International Students
How To Apply And Get The Best Scholarship In Europe
More Scholarships In Different Countries
Low Tuition Universities World Wide
Tuition free universities World Wide


Marketing Your Business
Promotional Tools
Travels And Jobs Network Work With Us Program
Work With Us As A Co-consultant
Sourcing For Clients
Marketing Strategies/Platforms
How To Advertised To Millions Of Facebook Users Daily Free Of Charge
How To Advertised Your Products And Services On Google Search
Engine Free Of Charge.
Considering the content above, you will agree with me that Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course
is valuable, I don't want you to miss this training because apart
from using it as a business, you can also use it as self-help to get for
yourself the work permit or visa of any country, book your own ticket, get scholarship and international admisions,
get good jobs by yourself without paying a consultant, the knowledge you will gain from this Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course will enable you to live and work in any country particularly Canada,
USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, all Europeans countries and world wide. All the skills and
knowledge that you need to do ticket reservations and bookings using
our recommended best platform were thought on section 2 which contails practicals and
illustrative theories and a link to download 45 video tutorials.
If you meet any visa consultant to assist you to live and work in
the USA for instance, his charges will not be less than $2,700, if you doubt
me go and try any consultant and if you are not very careful wrong
hands will part with your money. This training is two dimensional
self-help with guaranty of your visa or work permit and business
with five sources of income, and if you are already a travel agent or an emigration
consultant, working in collaboration with me and my network of partners on five sources of income listed
above will indeed boost your income greatly and if you are new,
participating in this Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course
program is your best bet, be it for business or self-help
Don't missed this e-training because someone need you to assist
him or her to travel and work abroad, it's your decision wither you
will do it for free or for money, but my assurance for you is that the
five sources of income listed above are sure ways to financial
prosperity don't doubt.

How The E-Training Will Be Done
To receive this training you must own or have access to a computer or a mobile phone that can read a PDF document, the  E-Training material (ebook) that contains all the above listed topics will be sent to your email address, from there you will download and save it to your computer or phone for your daily study, Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course is a one month duration course, you will ask any questions regard the contents and get clarified within the course period after which you will either work with us or work for yourself, this e-training is convenient for you, don't be left out.

If you have ever thought of becoming a successful travel agent and emigration consultant, save yourself many hours of unfruitful research that will not give you updated information, avoid costly mistakes, and gain uncommon information by ordering the training material (ebook) on ‘Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course’ the visa requirement information on embassies websites don't contain hiden details that will have revealed in this course, seperate yourself from embassy's website ambiquous visa requirement with hiden details, join this E-Training course before applying for visa and save yourself from visa rejection and application fee wastage and time, you can't get the revelation of our course contents any where online, even if you don't like to own a company of your own, you can earn monthly income on our work with us program by putting the knowledge you gain in this Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course into practice.
If you order a copy of your training material, you will be given an opportunity to join a high profile Network of travel agents and visa consultant, certainly travel business requires networking.
If you really want your financial status to move from better to best, good to best, bad(jobless) to best, then join Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course now.

How Much is The Cost of This Course?

This is a five sources of income E-Training course that teaches:
Travel Agency
Tickets Reservation/Bookings
Emmigration Consultancy
Become Universities And Colleges Admission Agent Or Representative
Marketing And Clients Sourcing
Plus my mentorship for life and your partnering with me and my network, understanding the content above will also enable you to organising training for those that want to learn, training is another great source of income in this business if you are not stingy in giving out your knowledge, l have made a lots of money via training, you too can learn, practice and sell your own knowledge without regurgitating, in November 2018, I organized a three days seminar on ‘Become a Travel Agent’ at the cost of N55,000 ($150) per participant, I mean less than half of this content and participant where happy because no agent will give you a travel visa and employment for $150 nor will any school accept $150 for a ticketing course but with this etraining course you will Do It Yourself (DIY) and for others much more.
So, how much do you think I will charge for giving you an extra contents of ‘Tickets Reservation/Bookings, Become an Emigration Consultant, Become Universities And Colleges Admission Agent Or Representative, Marketing And Clients Sourcing (Digital Marketing)? considering the fact that Emmigration consultancy is a business you can do any where in the world and it gives over 500% profit, recent technologies as clearly explained in this E-Training course has made it possible for you to sell airline tickets to client even in the comfort of your home and also help clients or yourself to get all visas and much more, the marketing strategies on section 5 will enable you to start getting clients at no marketing cost. To join Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course you should order for the training e-book 'Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing' at a cost of N20,000 only for all the five sections, there are five sections and each section is a career and self-help boon.
This is a special gift for a selected few persons inluding you, the cost will increase as soon as I have the required numbers of persons. As at today Friday February 28, 2020 only 10 persons are remaining to complete the require numbers of e-learners, after this ten persons the training cost will increase and will close soon, as a matter of fact I don't want to train the whole world but only a few, l want you to join us now by ordering for the training material (e-book). you can start working with us immediately after this training with assurance of earning more than five folds of this training cost as a co-consultant, order for your training e-book now.

Read What Some of Our Past E-Learners Said:
Chidi's Testimony"Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course E book is an excellent training material, it enable me to get a Ukraine student visa, l also use the knowledge l gain from the E book to get Newzealand tourist visa for my brother" CHIDI JANE AMARACHI

“Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course is no doubt a great course/E-book that delivered what its says. Reading the contents of the book give great light. Some things that I use to lack as regard travel and visa I have gained through this pack. The electronic learning has also made it possible for me to learn great thing at the comfort of my home. Anyway I am happy for this vision and pray God to give you great insight. Amen.” SEIDU

Benedicta's Testimony"Am realy satisfied with the content of this course using the e-book because it teaches me all that I need to know on Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course, I have had a lot of successful visa applications for my clients"
Micah Testimony

"I'm pleased with the content of this course in that it has enhance my knowledge in the travel industry, most importantly the training has benefited me regard starting my own travel agency and travel visa consultancy company, I am realy grateful to Mr Akpede Francis because the Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course training material (e-book) is self explanatory" MICAH

Oluwaseun Testimony

“Basically, it was a great and wonderful experience, l decided to partake in this E-Training course because of my plans to live and work in the Canada and this training has actually helped me to process my Canada permanent residence permit through the express entry. I Thank Akpede Francis, for his personal assistance ” FALOLA

Ossai's Testimony"I recommend Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing E-Training course E book for any body that want to become a travel agent and emigration consultant, this book will also enable those that want to travel abroad to process their visa application without denial or refusal, the book is self explanatory and easy to understand, 17k is too cheap for the self explanatory e-book and course contents, I thank Akpede Francis for this training" Mr OSSAI
I am Akpede Francis, principal e-trainer/CEO Travels And Jobs Co Ltd, l await your testimony after your training as you make your order using details below
Payment Method: Bank Deposit Or Transfer
To order for the training material (ebook) now, deposit or transfer the sum of N20,000 only to any of the banks below:

ACCOUNT NAME: Akpede Francis
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0122488800
BANK TWO: Access Bank PLC
ACCOUNT NAME: Akpede Francis
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0027855745

After paying, send an email containing your payment details to and
Call or whatsap +971524688167

The Details to Be Sent Are:

1. Your Full Name
2. Amount Paid
3. Deposit Slip Number (Not applicable to transfer)
4. Date of Payment
5. Telephone Number
6. your email address
7.Bank Name
Once I confirm the payment, I will send the ebook

N.B: Only 10 persons are needed to complete the require numbers, l want you to be among, dont missed your boon, price will increase soon
That is all, make a transfer or go to the bank and pay before the 10 persons will complete, don't be left out.
Call: +971524688167 if you need furt
If for any reason you can't pay into any of the accounts above then rush down to my office in Benin City and grab your copy in a CD at Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd, Travel Agent And Visa Consultant,
133 Uselu Lagos Road Near Zenith Bank, Uselu,
Benin City, Edo State. I advice you to use any of the accounts to save yourself of traveling stress.

If you have not previously registered before reading this page please click here for free compulsory registration.
However if you are not interested in this training but need a visa (any type) or work permit (all countries), then click here for an assessment and immediate visa processing assistant but l advice you to learn and do it yourself, it will be cheaper to do it yourself, and profitable for you to assist others or your clients
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