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How To Travel From Kano Nigeria To Lampedusa Italy By Land And Sea route Complete Description Guide

Dear Visitor,
I just want to inform you that l have put together a
report on how to migrate and live in any Schengen
(European) country without applying for visa in any
European Embassy in Nigeria, this report will be available
for you to download as e-book or you can have it sent to your email
upon your order
This report is about traveling via land transportation from Nigeria to
Italy, even if you know the route, currently circumstances in the last two
months  demand that you read the under listed topics and observed them
before starting your journey,  including two things you must do before living:
1 Two things you must observed before stating your journey
2 How To Migrate Safely By Timely Following The Safest Route
3 Safety Precautions You Must Observed While Traveling
3 The Best Time To Travel
4. How To Avoid Deportation
5. How and when to travel to your desire European (Schengen) country.
If you are an existing agent you will agree with me that some categories
of clients (visa seekers) are not qualified to get Schengen visa and most
of them can’t be qualified, the only way is to prepare them to travel
safely via land to Italy by observing the five topics listed above.
in reality it is very difficult to get European (Schengen) work
permit from Nigeria in fact their foreign employment Policies did
not include third world countries like Nigeria
except those Nigerians who are working with
multi-national companies like Julius Berger, ENL etc.
who are already employed in Nigeria can get  work permit,
the quickest way to get European work permit and residence is to travel
through land.
It is easier for those that travel via land to get residence and work permit
than those that travel on visit or tourist visa.
it has been said that it is dangerous to travel by land but observing the five
topics listed above make it safer, there are different route to travel from
Nigeria to Italy but not all are safe, this report will show you the safest route
to Italy.
To order for your report  (e-book), deposit the sum of N5,000 only to
any of the banks below:
ACCOUNT NAME: Akpede Francis
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0122488800
BANK TWO: Diamond
ACCOUNT NAME: Akpede Francis
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0027855745
After paying, send an email containing
your payment details to 08039483560 and
The Details to Be Sent Are:
1. Your Full Name
2. Amount Paid
3. Deposit Slip Number
4. Date of Payment
5. Telephone Number
6. your email address
7.Bank Name
Once I confirm the payment, I will send the Ebook
to your email, don't miss this training
Akpede Francis

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