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Sure Way To Live And Work In United Arab Emirate (Dubai Or Abu Dhabi) With Guaranty Two Years Employment Visa Processing And Accommodation On Arrival

How To Get United Arab Emirate Dubai Two Years Residence/Work Permit And Job
Dear Visitor,
Do you want to live and work in the United Arab Emirate (Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc)?
Do you want to go on tour or buy goods? if yes then I welcome you to
Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd the most reliable U.A.E visas and work permit expert.
and labour supply company.
Other countries may have bigger names but being able to get work/
residence permit and receive high salary and allowances without
deportation is what UAE (Dubai) is known for, but this easiness is only possible
when Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd assist you to handles your work and
visa application.
In reality UAE (Dubai) pay the highest salary for experience workers and also employ
the highest numbers of fresh graduate compare to countries like
USA, Canada, Uk, Australia, Germany etc where it is impossible
for a fresh graduate to get job and Africa international experiences are
not recognized.
Due to Migrant crises in Europe, the European government had since classified
most African countries migrants as economy migrants including Nigeria, Ghana,
Cameroon migrants, etc as economic migrant as such Asylum/Work permit will not be
granted to economic migrants, the no settlement for economic migrants enforce will
with start with massive deportation of migrants.
The good news is that it is easier to get job in the UAE than big names-countries
like UK, USA, Canada when a reliable labour supply company like us assist you,
recently UK government deported lots of Nigerians
without a concrete reason, other than they don't want those Nigerians to work there
same also apply to other countries.
UAE is the best country to live and work in because of the easiness to get job
and residence permit if you use Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd
and enormous import and export business opportunities.
Opportunities to live and work in UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi)
are presently Open for engineers, skilled workers, factory workers,
security personnel, Taxi drivers, cleaners etc.
The packages comes with or without accommodation
and employment offer. Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd is a human resources and
immigration consultancy company that can help you visit, live and work in
the UAE and other countries, jobs are presently available for
persons that are ready to live and work in the United Arab Emirate.

If you are interested you can select from any of the plans below
and get back to us for immediate cost details and processing

WITH FREE ACCOMMODATION PLAN: With this plan you will
travel to UAE with a three months long stay visa that employers can accept
to grant you employment with a two years work/residence permit, free accommodation,
transport and medical allowances.
The new labour labour which take effect on January 2016 makes it mandatory for applicants
or job seekers to sign employment contracts in person and in the presence of an immigration
official after which your two years residence permit can be processed
There are two options for this plan depending on how fast you need job, the kind of Job you
need and when you want to be in the UAE
Interviews and work already available before arrival with your three months visa, actual salary will be determined
by your employer base on your competency level and your ability to perform your given task
at work, we guaranty you will get your full salary as paid by your employer.
On this option our recruitment company or employer's representative will pick
you up at the airport and take you to your accommodation and employer this plan is
reccommended and best for job seekers, good for non-skilled, UAE uncertified skills
and UAE uncertified high skilled applicants, there is job for every body with guaranty on
this option 1, no exiting before obtaning two years residence permit.

This plan is for those who  need highly paid salary jobs, for persons
that are professional in their chosen career with many years of on the job
experience, these jobs will require you to attended interviews to enable
your employer ascertain your suitability, the salary range of this jobs is
5000-15000 UAE Dirhams per month.
this option require you to have an arrange accommodation
and logistics for job search on arrival, Our recruitment team will
teach and show you where to apply for jobs, all available UAE jobs
and also shortlist you for interviews, you must prove your competency
level and obtained all required UAE certifications where mandatory and
also prove to employer that you are competent before employment will be issued
this option is cheaper but it does not guaranty job if you are not very competent,
in the kind of job you need but don't worry we are available to assess and guide you rightly,
having a UAE driver's license will be an added advantage and increases your chances
of getting high paying jobs.

This plan is the only plan that is exempted from getting work permit on arrival,
your get your work permit from home before coming on a one-way ticket, it
gives you a two years work permit with a taxi company in the
UAE on this plan you will travel from your home country
with a two years employment visa, you need to have a valid UAE driver's
license to work as a taxi driver and also you must also attended a certified UAE
Location And Terrain Training School and pass a mandatory test
on UAE important location, also you need to attend a UAE driving school
to be qualified to get a UAE driver's license even if you have previously attended
a driving school and have a driver's license it is mandatory to enrolled in a driving
school to enable your get recommendation for the issuance of driver's license, also
you will be require to pass a location competency test with "TransAD or RTA" before getting a
taxi driver permit.
Most driving school charge an average of 15000 Dirhams to 17,000 Dirhams to train
and give you license depend on your numbers of attempts and you must also
have a work permit before you will be accepted, however if the
cost of attending a driving school and Location And
Terrain Training School seems to be too expensive then Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd
has an option were you can use our services to connect to our partner taxi company that will train you
on Driving, Location And Terrain Training and pay you a monthly allowance of 800 Dirhams
with free transport to training location and free accommodation at the end you will be
immediately be employ to work as a taxi driver and be given a vehicle on freelance basis
with a sure possibility of earning between 4000 Dirhams to 6000 Dirham monthly
you will reimburse the company with an agreed amount from your earnings
while your ten years drivers license remain yours and you can live the company to get
a bigger job with your license most jobs that require license pay as more than 7000 Dirhams
mothly so adding a driver's license and UAE Location And Terrain Training competency
will indeed assist you in getting highest paying jobs in the UAE and Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd
can connect you to a taxi companty that train and employ you and give you
two years visa, residence/work permit (Emirate ID) at a negotiable
service charges, talk to us on the number below

This visa is not for work or job search, it is for those who want to travel to UAE for
business or just to visit friends, Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd can assist you to get this
visa shortly without delay

You will join our E-training program on "Become a Travel Agent And Immigration Consultant
by ordering the E-training materials (E-book) at
www.travelsandjobs.com/consultancy.php and discover trivial issues
that will make you get visas and work permit of any country including how to
qualify yourself to get visas and work permit of any country with an
opportunity to join our work with us program that will enable you to
earn above N100,000 monthly.

If you need any categories of visa/work permit and employment assistance
of any country through Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd or interested in any
of the above call or chat with us via whatsap on +971524688167.
some countries are very good for some specific skills
for a list of countries were you can live and work easily and earn good
income talk to me on the number above and get free counseling and useful
tips on how to achieve your dream
Let Us Make Your Visa/Work Permit
Application a Success
Migrating to another country is a very important decision to make. That is why
Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd guide all applicants well to prevent hassles in the
process and ensure success. Choosing the right destination and right company
to help you in completing the requirements is very critical. Preparing your
documents and complying with requirements are often the hardest phases in
the migration process. We specialize in these areas and we have several years
of experience working with different clients with different cases and situations.
Hence, it will be wise in your part if you choose us to help you with this critical
part of your life. Many of our clients are business professionals who are usually
busy people and don't have the luxury of time to personally handle the migration
process, first time applicants who don't want to waste time without result and those
who had suffered multiple visa rejections. who are usually busy people and don't
have the luxury of time to personally handle the migration process. With our
convenient services, we have successfully helped thousands of clients to successfully
migrate to another country. With our network of partners worldwide, we have the
capacity to provide you with excellent immigration services that are tailored-fit
according to your situation. We can help you with skilled and unskilled migration
services, business immigration, student visa services, and citizenship pursuit.
Call us today and let's start working towards your dreams of living overseas!
Akpede Francis
call or chat with us via whatsap on +971524688167.

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