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Admissions, Scholarships And Student Visas Assessment Interview















 The Result Of Your Assessment Interview Will Enable Us To Processed The Underlisted For You
International Admissions And Student Visas
Low Tuition And Tuition Free Colleges And Universities Admissions

Work Permit
Hostel Accommodation
We will counsel and assess you, tell you the best country and program that is most suitable for you, your assessment interview will determine the exact cost of your desire program and our services. If you are found qualify we will guide you to ensure your application is excellently packaged otherwise you will be qualified by us, take this assessment before submitting your application.
Start your pre visa and work permit assessment interview and counseling now.
First Name
Last Name
Email (lower case letter)

Marital Status

Your Address (Not P.O Box)
Date Of  Birth
Name Of Highest Institution Attended
Qualification E.g. OND, HND,B.sc, ETC
Descipline( if SSCE write nil)
Which Country Do You Want To Study?
What Type Of Program?
Will You Apply For Scholarship?
Do You Have Any Relative Or Friend That will Accommodate You When You Arrive? If Yes Give Details Of Your Relationship
Why do you want to study abroad?                          
When do you intend to start your study or progam
Have Travel abroad before now, if yes which country?
Have you used the services of a school agent or immigration consultant

Have you applied for a student visa through an agent or visa consultant? wither yes or no please explain details
Where do you work?

What is your position?

How much is your monthly income?

How much have you put aside for your travel and study?
Do you have a sponsor?
Where does your sponsor work?
How much is your sponsor willing to give you?
Do you have a valid international passport?
Have you written any foreign English examination? if yes, write the name and year you wrote the exam
Are Willing to pay Travel And Jobs Ltd to assist you to process your admission, scholarship and student visa?
How much can you provide to start the processing of your admission and student visa now?
For the avoidance of doubts and unserious intent and for you to familiarize yourself with Travels And Jobs Ltd address and management, can you come to our office in Benin City?
If Yes tell us when or at what stage you will come, if No tell us why you can't come to our office (N.B: you can schedule to come during weekend if you are busy)
Comments or suggestions about this assessment interview

N.B: If you had a problem submitting this form call: +2348039483560
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